ABC Affirmations with Lily  

available now!

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I was thrilled when I received this awesome, easy-to-read book! Not only does it help children learn colors, it's exciting to find out what Lily's favorite color will be!

Tameka Smith, 2nd Grade Teacher

I absolutely loved the book! It was a simple, yet fun book to read! My 3 year old loved it! We look forward to reading more books from the author!

Uzo Obihor, Student

This book is amazing! Not because my niece is the author, but because she had a vision and implemented it! Rossy wanted to find an easy way for children her age and younger to learn colors, so she came up with a creative concept that inspires us all!

Lakita Okere,  Pastoral Counselor

I am so proud of the author! She has two books already at the age of 7!! She never ceases to amaze me! My children love both of her books! I can't wait to see what the future holds for this rising star!

Lauren Anderson

Come Along and Count with Lily is by far my favorite! It is a fun interactive book that teaches children how to count numbers one through ten! I can't wait to read this book to my Pre-K students in  the fall! 

Kelly Gracia, Pre-K Teacher