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ABC Affirmations with Lily  

available now!

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I was thrilled when I received this awesome,-"ABC Affirmations with Lily" book! Not only does it help children learn positive affirmations using each letter of the alphabet,, it  encouranges positive thinking in oneself. My students loved it.

I absolutely loved the book- "Lily's Favorite Color"! It was a simple, yet fun book to read! My 3 year old loved it! We look forward to reading more books from the author!

This book is amazing! Not because my niece is the author, but because she had a vision and implemented it! Rossy wanted to find an easy way for children her age and younger to learn colors, so she came up with a creative concept that inspires us all!

Tameka Smith, 2nd Grade Teacher

Uzo Obihor, Student

Lakita Okere,  Pastoral Counselor

I am so proud of the author! She has three books already at the age of 10!! She never ceases to amaze me! My 5 & 8 year olds love all of her books! I can't wait to see what the future holds for this rising star!

"Come Along and Count with Lily",

is by far my favorite! It is a fun interactive book that teaches children how to count numbers one through ten! I can't wait to read this book to my Pre-K students in  the fall! 

"ABC Affirmations with Lily", is an incredible book.  My child loves the affirmation words that are used on each page and says them daily. I especially love the end of the book where my child was able to list their own affirmations. Highly recommended.

Lauren Anderson

Kelly Gracia, Pre-K Teacher 

                           Sabrina McMorris

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