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 “I AM”, indeed are two of the most powerful words- for what you say & put after them not only shapes your reality, but builds your self esteem and reinforces your self confidence as well.


Hence, this Custom made- “I AM” Affirmation T-shirt, is a perfect asset for kids and adults to wear in style as they embrace their own uniqueness, self worth, & greatness.


 Knowing that you are UNIQUE, WORTHY, IMPORTANT, VALUABLE, AMAZING, STRONG, and so much more, instills the Confidence that will look good on you.


T-Shirt is 100% Cotton



"I AM" Affirmation T-Shirt

  • Along with the "I AM" Affirmation T-shirt,  customers will also get with the shirt, an Engraved "I Am Strong Brave Loved Enough"  silicone wrist band bracelet.

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